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We are a medium-sized proprietorship firm, that believes in serving customers based on honesty, trust, quality, equality, speed and efficiency.

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Repair Your Device

The best SmartPhone Repairs in your City

You are probably reading this on a smartphone right now. If you are, then you must know that the phone that you hold in your hand right now, is the outcome of almost 3 decades of evolution. We are fascinated by them, which is why we like fixing them. Every model, has its own history. And we take immense interest in knowing it. Every phone, is like a creature that piques our interest and helps us learn more about it. We are not only going to fix your phone for you, we'll treat it with care and enjoy fixing it.

What Makes Us, Fonetech?

Free Pick & Drop
Value For Money
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Fastest Turn around Time
On-Site Repair

Mobile Service Studio


  • Overcharging
  • Continuous Usage
  • Constant Multi-Tasking

Battery Issues

  • Wore-Off Battery
  • Slow Charge
  • No Charge

Water Damage

  • Complete Water Immersion
  • Moisture Condensation
  • Rain Damage

Damaged Screen

  • Glass Damage
  • Screen Damage
  • Scratches


  • Damaged Signal Receivers
  • Hardware Fault
  • Software Fault


  • Short Circuit
  • Inadequate Power Supply
  • Water Damaged Board

How We Work

Timely Pickup

Pre-Repair Test


Post-Repair Test

Timely Delivery

Replacement Policy

We provide 7 Days Easy Replacement. It's Hassle Free & Fast.

Fonetech Promises

90 Days Warranty, Door Step Service, Nationwide Service Coverage

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