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We are a medium-sized proprietorship firm, that believes in serving customers based on honesty, trust, quality, equality, speed and efficiency.

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Repair Your Device

Introducing for the first time, iWatch Repairs!

If you’ve bought a gear with your Apple product, then you just believe in having a complete package of what a brand has to offer. We, in the case, share the same view. We believe in having the expertise to fix all the products that a brand has to offer. Did you know that an iWatch can cost as much as any other expensive Apple product and even beyond? How costly you ask? As much as $17000. And can we fix it? Most definitely we can!

What Makes Us, Fonetech?

Free Pick & Drop
Value For Money
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Fastest Turn around Time
On-Site Repair

IWatch Service Studio


  • Overcharging
  • Continuous Usage
  • Constant Multi-Tasking

Battery Issues

  • Wore-Off Battery
  • Slow Charge
  • No Charge

Water Damage

  • Complete Water Immersion
  • Moisture Condensation
  • Rain Damage

Damaged Screen

  • Glass Damage
  • Screen Damage
  • Scratches


  • Damaged Signal Receivers
  • Hardware Fault
  • Software Fault


  • Short Circuit
  • Inadequate Power Supply
  • Water Damaged Board

How We Work

Timely Pickup

Pre-Repair Test


Post-Repair Test

Timely Delivery

Replacement Policy

We provide 7 Days Easy Replacement. It's Hassle Free & Fast.

Fonetech Promises

90 Days Warranty, Door Step Service, Nationwide Service Coverage

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