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We are a medium-sized proprietorship firm, that believes in serving customers based on honesty, trust, quality, equality, speed and efficiency.

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Authentic Repairs. Done Efficiently.

Quick Quality provided in Quantity. We understand you can't bear a day going by without your device. Whatever the reason may be, professional, personal or educational. We understand how important that project, movie or assignment is for you.
You feel set back by your devices unwanted and untimely break down, but you want an expert to handle it. You can't afford to make the situation even worse. That's when we take things over.
Being in this industry for over 13 years, we have grown exceedingly efficient at this.

Trusted source for Iphone repair

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    We are located in Camp, Pune right opposite Burger King. Talk about convenience eh! I can make this boring by writing our address in full with pin code (something you'll be able to find at the bottom of this page too), but don't take the trouble of going there. Just search us on Google with the Keywords 'Fonetech Camp' (as they are written), and the Map will navigate the way. We'd like you to visit us and experience the ambiance we've built just for you.

    On Site Repair

    No time to visit us?
    Don’t worry! Book an appointment, and let us fix things for you, right where you are cosy.

       Repair Service

    Repair Your iOS device

    Remember that time when you dropped your phone into the pool and the mobile repair shop you visited fixed it for you in like a day. What? That never happened? Well, you are in for a joy ride in that case. We have brought some phones, that were far gone, back to the land of the living.
    Car ran over your phone? The pool selfie didn’t go as planned? Don’t worry. We have seen it all.
    And we have a team of highly trained curious people, that don’t want to stop learning, who live in an environment that keeps them in a perpetual state of learning. So, for them, no device is too new, no technology too complicated. Let’s Go!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a 1-hour appointment-based service. If otherwise, you could expect your phone to be repaired within 24 to 48 hours (subject to parts availability).
    There is a lot of grey area in that question, and the answer to it is really issue specific. If we are to replace any component that doesn't deal with your storage drive or its IC in any way, then your data is more likely to be preserved without any issue. However, depending on the type of your device and the type damaged it has sustained, you may have to repair your phone at the cost of your data. But we do encourage you to back your data up on an external drive or cloud, before you let us take your phone away.
    We sure do. All the parts that we use are original. If, however, they are not available, we use OEM (Original Equipment from the Manufacturer) parts from the same factories that produce the original parts.

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